Update on the ‘girls’

Hazel is doing well- she is be 6 weeks one Sunday with her one baby.

Lavinnia is also going well with her five. Fingers crossed all goes well with her as we have been waiting for so long for this litter from her.

Possible colours from Lavinnia are black, blue, chocolate and lilac- then add points and minks to those colours.

Hazel could have anything but I put my bets on a black smoke.

My waiting list is very much out of date- if you have put your name down and you are still interested in a kitten from us please contact me.

A couple of pics of Lavinnia today

Lavinnia Dec 09
Lavinnia the pose

3 thoughts on “Update on the ‘girls’

  1. Best of luck with your 2 girls.


  2. Smudge’s is lovely but I must say Hazel is the most devine colouring. I will be very keen to see the baby!
    Lavinnia is gorgeous love to see the bubs there as well!
    Best of luck all round.


    1. Yes I do agree Karolyn. It’s a shame she only has one tucked in there!
      Oh well, hopefully next litter will be bigger.
      I’m sure she will be pleased to keep her figure this time around anyway…. šŸ™‚


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