Lavinnia’s babies are here

Well so much for the ultrasound….5 kittens??

Lavinnia has 7 babies.

All are are going well so far. She has 2 black smokes, 2 blues and 3 chocolates (all solids!)

After 3.5 years we finally have dilute kittens! 🙂

Sorry to those on our list that were hoping for points/ minks but we did not get any this time.

Although I will not be taking deposits on the kittens for a while I am happy to note preferences for colour / sex on kittens that may become available.

1 day old
Vinnia's kittens - 1 day old

6 thoughts on “Lavinnia’s babies are here

  1. They are looking great Nicole & I just love the way this girl hides her babies away & I can’t believe she had so many again. What is the breakdown – males/females?


    1. Hi Joy, Well I think we have:
      2 blue boys
      2 chocolate girls
      1 chocolate boy
      1 black girl
      1 black boy

      But that could change… 🙂


  2. Aah yes the dreaded sex change fairy


  3. 7 babies! I love chocolate 🙂


  4. Congratulations on all the new babies Nicole! They are just gorgeous. Shame there wasn’t a mink but as long as they are healthy, that’s all that matters. 🙂 Looking forward to watching them grow.


    1. Thanks Kirsten. Yes, I agree- shame there were no minks but they are gorgeous babies. 🙂


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