Hazel’s baby – 1 week old

Well Hazel’s kitten is a week old today and must be the biggest one week old kitten we have ever had!

She certainly is not fading away to a shadow…born at 110 grams, she is weighing in at 246 grams today.

She has already lost most of the coat she was born with.

I really must think of a name for her.

Hazel and kitten – 1 week old


10 thoughts on “Hazel’s baby – 1 week old

  1. Goodness Hazel has certainly looked after her. She’s a big ‘en & part Sphynx – me thinks. I look forward to watching her grow.


  2. She is adorable, and love her sweet little markings on her face, and love the look of sheer bliss and love on Hazels face as she looks at her.


    1. Yeah, she is being a really good mum. Any ideas for a name are much appreciated!
      I am thinking either something starting with H, to do with being colourful or being a boofa! 🙂


  3. Harley – ie nick for a harley bike is a “Hog”. Also could be short for Harlequin (colourful)


  4. As I can’t edit – Harley should be Harli – the i at the end for a singleton


    1. Harli is purrfect, thanks Joy. 🙂


  5. Gee, my biggest boofy boy kitten is 281gms and they are 12 days old now. Harli is a big girl. Hazel must have monster milk!


  6. She is lovely! I have such a soft spot for painted kittens! How about Rextreme Magic Pudding after the childrens book?


    1. Thanks Cindy. That is a very clever name- I am hopeless at coming up with names. 🙂


  7. Sweet kittens-congratulations!


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