Hazel’s kitten- 2 weeks old

Well little ( big 😉 ) Harli is 2 weeks old already and is growing like a weed.

She is now 340 grams…I wonder if she is part Maine Coon!

She has an adopted sister in one of Lavinnia’s kittens and although there is a fair size difference at the moment all is going well with them.

Hazel gratefully accepted her gift from the kitten fairies. 🙂

Harli 2 weeks
Harli and her new sister

2 thoughts on “Hazel’s kitten- 2 weeks old

  1. Miane Coon crossed with a Sphynx, I think. She is a pretty little thing though & her step sister looks nice too.


  2. She’s lovely! Looks like ‘Marta Hari’ to me with that little beauty spot on her whisker pad. Lovely to see her adopted sister very cute too.


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