Fifi’s kittens are here!

Well Fifi surprised us with not ONE , but TWO kittens.

Born on January 29, she has 2 black smoke boys.

Here they are at 5 days old.

Although one is much smaller than the other they are both going well.  🙂

Fifi's baby black smoke boys
Black smoke boys- 5 days old

4 thoughts on “Fifi’s kittens are here!

  1. Just what the doctor ordered – 2 black smoke boys They are looking nice. Tell Fifi I this she is a good girl despite what you might have said. LOL


  2. Leila says hi to her new “brothers”, congrats on the safe arrival of Fifi’s newest bubs!!!


  3. Wow! You have 10 kittens!!! How grand.
    I am pleased Fifi has two kittens and not just one. Dear little Bubs.


  4. I learnt about your blog and visited it for the first time now. It’s nice. I own three cats today (and they own individual dog lol), it’s sort of a menagerie at my place. But in that respect is never a slow minute, that’s for sure. My favorite breed of cat is the Siamese, though actually I haven’t met a cat yet that I didn’t like, regardless of its breed


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