Lavinnia’s kittens 17 days old

A bit of a photo  overload in this post.  🙂

Lavinnia’s kittens are 17 days old now and all growing well.

Pictured below are 6 of them- the black smoke girl was adopted by Hazel as company for her kitten, Harli.

We have 2 blue boys, a black boy, 2 chocolate boys and a chocolate girl. All are well coated at this stage and all are smokes.

Choc, black, choc, blue, blue and choc
Chocolate smoke boy
Blue boys and black smoke boy
Blue, black and choc boys
Blue boys
Chocolate boy
Black smoke and choc
Sleepy heads
Chocolate girl

Vinnia's kittens- 17 days

4 thoughts on “Lavinnia’s kittens 17 days old

  1. Awww, they are lovely.


  2. They are all very cute and precious, I hope they all go to great loving homes 🙂


  3. They are very lovely. Great little faces. Love the chocolate babies


  4. Love your kittens, could you please let me know if there are any blue or chocolate femails available & the cost.


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