It’s playtime – kittens 5 and 6 weeks

A few new kitten pics today. Harli is 6 weeks old and Lavinnia’s kittens are 5.5 weeks.

Harli is still bigger and looks older than 6 weeks.

They are all eating well and flinging kitty litter everywhere. 🙂

Harli 6 weeks
Harli 6w - 2
Black smoke boy
Very scary blue boy!
Chocolate girl
Crazy chocolate boy
Choc boy - 2
Funky fun
Brotherly love

5 thoughts on “It’s playtime – kittens 5 and 6 weeks

  1. they are gorgeous, and i love the kitty litter comment, i can just imagine it.


  2. Funny antics! – it looks like they have some pretty cool equipment to play hide and seek in too.


    1. That is a Funky hollow Sabine. We have had it for 5 years or so and it is still like new. It is very popular with the kittens. I am happy to give them a plug ~ lovely people too.


  3. Woooow lovley kittens 🙂


  4. Brotherly love – hmmm not so sure about that. They are lovely kittens Nicole. The top black smoke looks pretty (I know boys are not supposed to be pretty) & I do like scary blue boy too. Lavinia has done herself proud with these babies.

    Harli still has a special place in my heart. She is gorgeous & look at those feet.


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