Kittens 8 – 9 weeks

Time for another photo overload. Kittens are growing like weeds and are becoming very active. 🙂

First we have Finn,  one of Fifi’s boys. He is a lovely big kitten and has a great coat on him.

Finn - 7 weeks
Finn ~ Fifi's BS boy, 7 weeks
Harli ~ 9 weeks

Miss Harli…9 weeks on Thursday and as ‘sheer’ as they come. 😉

She is going make a good hot water bottle.

A rare still moment!
Harli and blue boy B

Some of the photos are a bit blurry, sorry. It is very difficult to photograph them at times!

And from the hundred or so I take at a time I might end up with 5 or 6 clear ones.

Choc boy A at the back
Choc boy being cheeky
Blue boy B ~ 8 weeks
Big hugs
The blue boys - I love the ears in this pic
Berri showing the blue boy what she thinks
Face off between Blue boy A and Harli

I will try to get a few clear pics of the kittens I have missed over the next few days. Fifi’s other BS male ( Harvey) has grown so much and is catching up to his brother in size.

My beautiful Lavinnia  ( aka Db Gr Ch Rextreme La Vinnia) was desexed yesterday. She has produced some beautiful kittens for me and it was a hard decision, but one I had to make.


6 thoughts on “Kittens 8 – 9 weeks

  1. Lovely babies Nicole. Are you sure Harli is not part Sphynx – she is still gorgeous though?


  2. Just love these guys, and oh Harli too, they are all so cute


  3. lovely beautiful kittens you have y just love daim


  4. Lovely kittens Nicole, l have been enjoying watchimg your kittens grow. Harli is great, its just her coat can’t keep up with her rapid growth rate…..she has always been a lovely big girl.


    1. Thanks Emma. I weighed her yesterday and she is already over 1.2 kilos at 9 weeks! 🙂


  5. wouw zooo beautiful y lake the bay wan off you kittens debora from belgié


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