Just a few pics of the kittens taken this afternoon. It’s amazing what a magnet a mink blanket on the floor, in the sun can be. ๐Ÿ™‚

The kittens are growing so fast now and are eating like there’s no tomorrow.

I tried in particular to get some pics of the kittens I missed ( pics are too blurry! ) last time.

Harli looking very colorful - 9.5 weeks
Fifi's boys - such high grade smoke!
Finn - sorry for the red ears the sun was streaming in behind him
Little Harvey
Blue boy B - 9 weeks
Buzz Bee 9 weeks
Chocolate female - 9 weeks
Funny blue boy B- didn't realize he was wearing accessories
Blue boy A - 9 weeks
Berri ( BS female) - 9 weeks