We had a visitor last week…

Slave to Leila, one of Fifi’s kittens from her first litter and also a WONDERFUL photographer.

Linda kindly took some photos of the kittens and is happy for me to share them so I will post a few.

Thank you Linda. 🙂

Linda’s website can be found at http://www.lindakitsonphotography.com/ and is well worth a look.

Choc girl - Marlowe
Blue boy A
Buzz Bee ( aka choc boy B)
Finn looking very unimpressed!
Blue boy B - Franklin

And lastly the kittens that Linda ‘broke’.

I was able to fix them a while after she left. 😉

Sleepy heads

5 thoughts on “We had a visitor last week…

  1. Nicole, it was truly a pleasure, thanks for letting me come and play, I would never get any work done at your place though, I would be too busy just watching all of these guys all day.


  2. Wonderful photo’s as usual Linda. Now how many more Devons do you want? 🙂


  3. Beautiful photos Linda! Thanks to you and Nicole for capturing these great photos, it’s so hard to get a good photo at the best of times……Finn’s expression is a classic!


  4. I have seen some of Linda’s photos of some Ocicats… these ones are just stunning. I really like the ones of the blue kittens.


  5. Great pic’s, Finn is going to be such a stunner and break all the ladies hearts! He looks like my Dee Dee when she was a kitten and he is just soooo smokey and has wonderful contrast.x


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