Kitten update- 11 weeks

Well time flies…most of the kittens are 11 weeks or so now, except Fifi’s boys.

They have grown and changed so much in the last few weeks. I hope you have enjoyed watching them grow.

A few pics from today.  🙂

11 weeks Blue boy A - pipe cleaner

Miss Berri - black smoke female
Black smoke male
Blue boy A
Franklin with his new look
Harvey 10 weeks
Finn - 10 weeks
Franklin with his 'pipe cleaner'
More pipe cleaner fun with Hazel
Franklin with his pipe cleaner again

7 thoughts on “Kitten update- 11 weeks

  1. Fantastic photos!!!! I have never used pipe cleaners with my cats so this was a new idea for me. Will give that a go seeing your gorgeous fur babies love them so much. Yes it has been wonderful to watch the kittens grow.


    1. They just love them Virginia- give them a try. 🙂


  2. The kittens look like they are having a great time, have you tried bendy straws, these go down well too!
    Love seeing pic’s of your kittens grow, they are the same age as my Devon Rex litter and l will miss mine when they go to their new slaves in 3 weeks time.

    Isn’t Harli younger? will you still post pic’s of her…….she is just soooooo pretty! x


    1. Hi Emma, No Harli is a bit older. I will still post pics of the kittens until they leave us. 🙂
      No, I haven’t tried straws with these kittens actually.
      Thanks for reminding me about them!


  3. Love seeing the kitty fun, and it has been great watching their little journeys so far and seeing just how much they change over the first weeks. Loving that pipe cleaner fun, Leila already knows about those, but might have to get her some bendy straws too


  4. They do love pipe cleaners. Wonderful photos. I will miss seeing them when they leave.


  5. It has been a wonderful journey watching them grow… nice to see it in photographic form, thanks Nicole!


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