Winter Coats

With the cold weather upon us the adult cats have decided to get their winter coats out, so I thought I would post a few photos.

I think it is interesting for new kitten owners to see how adult Devon coats look.

They  vary so much throughout  the year but there is nothing like a full Devon coat. 🙂

Lavinnia- this photo was taken last month
Mackie- our stud cat
Hazel June 2010
Mackie June 2010

And a couple of pics of Fifi 🙂

Fifi June 2010

3 thoughts on “Winter Coats

  1. Really beautiful! So different from summer. It is interesting to see them like this.


  2. How gorgeous! I was just admiring Berri’s coat and it also looks like it is certainly growing….she hasnt quite taken after her Dad (Mackie) yet though 🙂


  3. Wow, they all look stunning, especially Mackie


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